Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mexican Train!

Well, my brother Ken told me that every day he checks to see if we've posted something new on our blog, so I felt a great desire to satisfy his blog hunger with a post. Thus, this little missive.......

Since the rig is still in the shop and we're stationary here in Georgetown, Texas, this evening we traveled virtually by playing a rousing game of Mexican Train with Mary's parents, Lydia and Bill.

For those unfamiliar with Mexican Train, it's a form of dominoes much preferred by Bill and Lydia and their friends (and many others), and it is truly great fun when one begins to get the hang of the various strategies involved. This particular game is a Rives Family favorite, and this is certainly not the first time that we've spent an evening around the kitchen table, teasing one another and laughing as the dominoes fly.

Traveling takes on many guises
and when the rig is lame
then it's time for Mexican Train!



  1. Hey looks like fun! Makes me curious about the game! Can you explain it?
    What fun following you guys....

  2. Hey!!! Mexican Train!!! My husband and I played that all the time with our RVing volunteer friends when we lived on the road full-time. Sure had a lot of good fun with that game! Glad you two are having some good times there...glad to be off the road for awhile, I'll bet.

  3. Sounds like you all are still having a great time... and a great adventure.

    i didn't remember if i told you all about the -really interesting sounding- community that i've read about in Texas.

    The name is Reliance Community Farms
    and you can find out more about it here...
    and here...

    If you guys get a chance, you may want to check it out, i don't think it's too far from Austin.
    They are SE of San Antonio, in between Floresville and Stockdale.

    It seems to me like it is so far south it would always be warm and sunny there.

    Here we are buried in snow again... over the weekend 10+ inches arrived. It is one of the rare occasions that Southern Maryland got more snow than the cities to our north.

    ---Keep enjoying yourselves, linda :)

  4. Looks like fun but can't surpass the joys of Speed Scrabble!
    Love Janice

  5. Annie~think dominoes but more fancy, complex and fun!

    Janice, have you tried it yet? Speed Scrabble is the champ in its own category but this game you would love quickly! Next visit, okAy?

    Ruth, glad this brought back some good memories! And yes, this train stop has been a great rest for the road weary indeed!

  6. Linda,

    Thanks for the recommendation. We are in touch with them now, thanks to you! Did you know they are hosting an IC conference in June?

  7. Did u know

    Mexican Train is available as a computer game from

    I know this is so because I wrote it for my wife as a gift and she suggested we market the game and Amuseware was born. Cool huh?

    You can download and try this game for free.

  8. Mexican train dominoes game got its name because of its layout’s resemblance to trains, which are sprouting out from a single central station. As of the moment, there are many other versions of the Mexican train dominoes game. But, as stated in several history accounts, the exclusive rights of this domino game was registered to Roy and Katie Parsons.