Saturday, January 30, 2010

Austin Area Update

We'd like you all to know that we have been safely ensconced with Mary's parents in Georgetown, Texas (30 miles from Austin) for the last three days in Sun City, one of the largest retirement communities in the country. No, we're not settling down for a cushy retirement, just resting our weary bones.

Our rig is currently parked at a local mechanic's garage and is in the midst of receiving much needed mechanical repairs to the suspension, front end, axles and brakes. Although a (somewhat) unexpected expense, thousands of miles of wear and tear do indeed take their toll on such an old vehicle, and we're grateful to have found a reputable mechanic who will do what's necessary for our safety and well-being without unnecessarily fleecing us in the process.

Mary's parents are gracious and generous hosts, and we're happy to stretch out and relax in the expanse of a home that's bigger than our bread-box on wheels.

As for Tina, she is happy as a clam, rolling on the carpet, and even playing a little bit with Mary's parents' little dog (who is technically Tina's aunt, although younger than Tina by more than a decade!) Tina loves being in a house, and she seems pretty content the last few days, although somewhat anxious when we go out, of course.

Last night, we were treated to an evening with The Capitol Steps, a hilarious troupe of political satirists who skewer both the right and left with equal vigor, using songs and skits to poke good-natured fun at politicians and cultural icons of every stripe.

The temperatures here in the Austin area dipped into the 20s last night, and today a biting wind makes the temperature feel colder than the mid-40s, although we know that our friends in New England and Canada would gladly trade places with us in a heartbeat!

We're grateful for the kindness, generosity and comfort of family, and we are making plans to continue our journey once the rig is ready for the road once again.

Much love and appreciation to all of you. We will be posting some more photos and videos soon, so check back again when you can!


  1. Ah, Texas - God's country!
    Nice to hear that you are house bound a bit and getting your (and the rig's) balance back! I recognize the wine bar; the joint next to the community theater in the Georgetown square, right?
    And WTH? No Dos Salsas?
    Better get there before they run out of enchiladas!
    Be sure to take advantage of the sport & health facilities in Sun City! You'll be the youngest ones there!

  2. God's country, indeed! We agree!

    The wine bar is Cork and Co, Congress Avenue near 3rd Street.

    We certainly did visit Dos Salsas! Yessiree, and the enchiladas are always outstanding!

    As for being the youngest folks here, perhaps you're right.....