Sunday, January 3, 2010


We are very grateful to our friends Joe and Claudia (and young Jacob) for their kindness, generosity and friendship during our brief stay in Tallahassee. We all felt so nurtured and cared for (including Tina who was fussed over like the charming old lady that she is), and an old friendship that originated in Western Massachusetts was rekindled.

Before leaving Tallahassee, we had to get a photo of Mary at Optimist Park, a place that must have been named with her in mind.

And on the way to the Gulf of Mexico, we stopped at an entertaining and delicious roadside stand  where we stocked up on boiled peanuts, grapefruit and oranges.


  1. that's wild guys- barb and I had our first boiled peanuts Thursday night at a southern styled restaurant in Cambridge. Yummy!!

  2. kenny,

    that IS wild, them wuz our first boiled peanuts too, yum, tastes like chicken, i mean, red beans!
    took a littel gettin' used to.

    ken, you coulda easily joined me at Optimist Park!

    btw--them are me knittin' needles stickin' outta me jacket and spanish moss i simply adore draped over me bod.

    thanks for being our most frequent blog commenter, darlin'! see you on fb soon...

    and yes, we will get more videos on board stat!

    love ya,