Monday, January 11, 2010

15th Community?

We are at an intentional community of a sort, holin' up for the cold snap which is supposed to let up tomorrow. It is a campground called Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama. This community within the RV community is one of a dozen or so campgrounds in the US under the umbrella of a special RV club called Escapees.

Not being club types, we belong to this one for more than the great name,  It's mostly because of their excellent mail forwarding service, campground discounts, and for being able to establish our new domicile, a legal address in Livingston, Texas on Rainbow Drive.  :- )  We'll be heading to Rainbow Drive a month or so, as a matter of fact, to check out the rigs and digs there, and maybe even swim in this largest lake in Texas. I know it may be too cold and we are not that bold, but we can entertain the eventuality of swimming in the great outdoors again, right?

Back to Rainbow Plantation. This has been a needed respite from the road and the cold that tends to keep us inside these small quarters that is our only home. What has been a unique treat about this place is the community center where Keith and I have been able to stretch out, take some space from each other, and have some different fun together like shooting some pool, playing ping pong and watching a movie while sitting in cushy arm chairs! It felt like a teen center for elders. I got to chat with friendly full timers here, sit in on a community meeting, offer Laughter Yoga, and bike around the neighborhood, cold be damned! The old folks here thought we were either crazy or from the north, or both!

In the morning, we'll batten down the hatches and bring the rig to a trusted mechanic for an oil and fuel filter change, then go to a trusted RV mechanic for a few important things. The SKPs ("Skips") here referred us to the mechanics, who are themselves reliable Escapee members---a huge relief for us.

After the rig care, we decided that we'll head back to Florida (very close by) to our first national park called Ft. Pickens, which is on the tip of an isolated peninsula. We intend to enjoy some surf, sun, biking and hiking before we drive to New Orleans on Friday. After NOLA we may be pretty landlocked for a while and no telling what the weather will be by then, but it sure looks like 50-60's all week in NW Florida, where you might be able to find us!

Coming a little out of our way to stay at our first SKP campground was an important and timely choice. Although we are of a different generation than the overwhelming majority of retirees here, it has been really interesting for me to check out---and even participate in---albeit briefly, this social experiment of people living in community here. You won't find them listed in the F.I.C. (Federation of Intentional Communities) and they may not have ever heard of IC's, but they are living their dream of community life and I say, more power to 'em!

May you realize how you are living even just one dream of your life and may 2010 be the year that more of your dreams come true!



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  1. Sounds like you're having fun even though it's cold! I would love to play a game of ping-pong with you. :)