Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Mary and Keith Update From Texas

After almost a week in the shop, we went to pick up our rig at the mechanics today, and drove it down the road towards Mary's parent's place, happy to be reunited with a vehicle that is at once our home, our transportation, and a funnel for our hard-earned money.

Mary detected a very unhealthy sound emanating from the left back axle (which was allegedly just repaired) and we unhappily returned the rig to the shop for yet another round of diagnostics. The mechanics were in denial that anything was wrong, claiming to have driven it ten miles this afternoon, but we're sure that something isn't right, and we hope they can correct the problem and send us happily on our way tomorrow. 

On the audiovisual front, today I dropped our digital camera and it now seems to have given up the ghost, so we will need to buy a new one tomorrow, since traveling without a camera is absolutely unthinkable. "D'oh!"

Meanwhile, Mary's parents are being the kindest possible hosts, and we're relishing this special time with them. From excellent Tex Mex food to our games of Mexican Train, this time has been simply wonderful. We even get to drive a golf cart around the streets of Sun City!

Speaking of Mary's parents, just today Mary's mother Lydia singlehandedly arranged an impromptu Laughter Yoga session here in Sun City, and fourteen enthusiastic retirees participated. (One woman remarked about a phone call she received inviting her to attend the session: "When Lydia calls, you jump!") The Laughter Yoga was absolutely hilarious good fun, and we hope to be able to upload some videos for your viewing pleasure soon. 

This afternoon, Mary attended a relaxing yoga class at the Sun City fitness center, and Keith was able to swim some laps in a lovely indoor saltwater pool, successfully avoiding the plumes of toxic shampoo and soap in the locker room showers that can wreak havoc for those of us with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

We are in the process of contacting intentional communities in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, and hope to be setting up some visits in the very near future. In the next few days, we will pay a visit to Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary and Retreat Center, and today Mary made a nice connection with the Windspirit Community, a certain stop on our Arizona itinerary. With our beloved son and daughter-in-law in Taos, we will no doubt be spending time in that neck of the woods once the ice, snow and frigid temperatures thaw. And when it comes to California, we certainly want to go, but due to the economic situation there, living in California is seeming less and less likely as time goes by. Still, there are plenty of people on the Left Coast who we would love to spend time with.

Our time here in Sun City has been very restful. I remarked to Mary just today that, even though the wanderlust is still there, it sometimes seems so hard to get started again once we've had a good long stop. A rest from life in the rig is good, but getting back in the saddle can be a challenge once we've had a chance to heal our ersatz saddle sores.

Anyway, folks, that's a quick and breezy update from Sun City as we turn in for the night and head to Dreamland. We send you our best, thank you for your comments and support, and will report on our progress over the next few days.

Buenas noches!

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  1. Hi Keith and Mary
    I just figured out I can post comments to your Anyhow wanted to let you know again how much we enjoy being able to "travel" with you from time to time. Your excellent adventure seems to be unfolding in excellent, unexpected, and many other ways too numerous to describe in a short comment to your blog. Happy trails.