Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Images From Fort Pickens State Park

Our current parking spot

Trees at Fort Pickens totally denuded and killed by hurricanes and storms

A found object beach sculpture by Mary

The swamps of Fort Pickens

Nature coming back to life

Patterns by the sea

 Looking inside a cannon hole at the old fort

Driftwood buried in sand that looks like snow


  1. OMG it's not SNOW! Send some of that sand energy up this way! Love, ~m

  2. Thanks for sharing nature's art made more beautiful by your framing abilities:)

  3. Hello it's the mysterious BOB...(really how many Bob's do you know?)

    Perhaps the Armadillo thought you were it's long lost mother because he (or she) saw the camera and thought it was a snout similar to his (or hers)