Thursday, January 28, 2010

Of Bilbo and Chainsaws

On our way to the Austin area to visit Mary's parents, we stopped at a curious second-hand store along a country highway near the town of Bastrop.

Attracted by the sign reading "Bilbo's Texas Landmark", Keith had assumed that perhaps this was where Bilbo Baggins had truly gone in his Tolkienesque afterlife, but alas, Bilbo is actually the family name of the current owner. In our conversation with the friendly proprietor, we learned that his building was used as the location for the shooting of the original version of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Apparently, hundreds of fans of this cult horror classic come to pay homage every year, most of them adorned in black clothes, tattoos and other Goth accoutrements.

While we had little interest in the cinematic history of the store, we did indeed pick up a few trinkets, gifts, and useful items while browsing the colorful and cluttered shelves, and if you're looking for an investment property in an interesting locale off the beaten path, look no further!

And here's the sign hanging over the cash register:

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