Friday, January 22, 2010

Laughter and New Friendship in Texas!

After a fine day of exploring the area of Spring, Texas and The Woodlands, Texas, we have made new friends, done some fun Laughter Yoga, and taken in some sun and warm weather that our bodies have been craving. We began the day with Huevos Rancheros at a small local Mexican place, Keith had a free healing session from a new-found friend, and we even managed to attend a outdoor Haiti earthquake benefit concert.

Amazingly, our connections here were all made via Facebook, with no face-to-face contact until we actually arrived to the area! The Laughter Yoga session (pictured below) was thrown together almost overnight by a wonderful, giving and wise woman named Annie Linnea Sherwood (pictured in turquoise below). Our new friend Annie is a world traveler preparing to publish a beautiful book about her adventures in the Sahara and beyond. She recently befriended Mary on Facebook and swiftly secured space for our Laughter Yoga session, pulled a group together, and even arranged for us to park in the driveway of an eccentric hair stylist who was open to us plugging in and spending two nights! 

Tomorrow, we head to Rosansky, Texas to visit the Echowood Community, a small sustainable community who have generously invited us to spend some time and get to know one another!

Luckily, Keith's back is feeling about 80% better, and Mary and Tina are simply their usual wonderful and happy selves, but happier since laughing with friends at long last (and a big, plush rug for Tina to nap on while the humans laughed up a storm).

Another stellar day on the road in the Lone Star State, made especially memorable by laughing and enjoying the passing of time with new friends.

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  1. OMG Keith that is the best picture of you I have ever seen!