Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goodbye to Echowood

Today we said a fond "adios" to the kind, hard-working folks at the Echowood Community. As self-professed "pragmatic idealists", the income-sharing members of Echowood grow organic produce, raise goats and chickens, and use their ingenuity to develop cottage industries like selling homemade mail-order string instruments and tofu presses.

Echowood welcomes new members and visitors, frequently harnessing the energy of newcomers to propel previously begun projects forward or to begin new endeavors. We have no doubt that Echowood will continue to thrive and grow, and we look forward to visiting again when we're next in central Texas.

Mary and Maggie the Basenji

Locking horns

The "Chicken God" who guards the chicken coops

Papercrete mixer

Papercrete demonstration project

Our rig surrounded by free-range poultry on the loose!

Texas Narcissus in January

An Echowood sunset

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  1. Beautiful shots of Echowood. We loved visiting here :)