Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gulf of Mexico!

After a painlessly short drive from Tallahassee to Carabelle (and the Ho Hum RV Park), we arrived to the Gulf of Mexico just in time for a lovely walk on the beach and a resplendent sunset on the pier.

Here's a video of our jubilant first sighting of the Gulf from our rig as it barreled down Route 98 West:

To give you an idea of our whereabouts, this is where we're parked for the night:

And we can't resist sharing the sunset view with you! (Don't be too jealous---it's a cold day in northern Florida. The temperature at 6pm is 40 degrees Fahrenheit!)


  1. Love the video!! Gotta do more of dat!! Lovely sunset too!! Yee-ha!!

  2. Glad you decided to go that way! Hope you aren't too cold... and it was great to see you both. Love, Joe, Claudia, and Jacob

  3. Hey guys! glad to see your happy face again Mary. When I saw the Ho Hum RV Park I said "nah it couldn't be named (ho hum)" but it's a real place! I guess (ho hum) on a beach isn't the same as ho hum somewhere else

  4. You two be uber careful traveling across Louisiana. Aley and I watched a news-magazine segment several years ago about how ruthless the patrol peeps are there along I-10, so when we drove through there last I intentionally drove "under" the speed limit.

    Guess what? We were pulled over anyway!!! There was an issue with our licence plate cover. Never mind that this cover had been in place for years and that we had literally traversed the entire US with zero problems. We weren't issued a citation as I simply removed the offending cover.

    We have avoided the state of Louisiana ever since. Just be careful.

  5. Wooh! That's just GORRRGEOUS!! Enjoy my dears!!

  6. Wow, thanks for all of the wonderful comments. Y'know, comments really make us feel great, so keep 'em coming!