Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mary chimes in...

Shockingly loud booms echo and vibrate the earth under our feet as we sit at this sunnier picnic table across from our campsite. Must be the Air Force base nearby. Sigh---more memories of my formative years on Army bases. A missive from our visit to Ft. Benning, GA (a place of my childhood) will follow, I promise. 

My back went out pretty badly the last of our 2 half days at Fort Benning which coincided with the last day of the year. I nursed myself back to health with bedrest, ice, muscle relaxants, Keith's TLC and time to heal while we were at Koinonia Community. I managed to rally for New Year's Eve Laughter Yoga we promised the good folks there and it was so worth it as everyone really got into it as we laughed in the New Year! That was a shifting point in my healing process that I am much better now--even without the aid of a chiropractor, I am happy ro report. I can do so many things again, including more writing which you can expect from me now.     :  )

This morning, I wanted to set up a little picnic in the sand next to the dunes on the ocean lake but since learning that alligators are alive and well in that there lake, we'll have to play it safe and pass on that idea. I'm trying not to imagine a hungry gator coming ashore and taking our little Tina away from us by surprise. These creatures can run up to 30 mph and she would be a good bite-sized snack, I'm afraid!

Instead of taking stupid risks like eating on the shore of gators' homes, I am content to bundle up, put Tina in my bike basket and cycle about this beautiful coast. The jury is still out as to whether we'll pack up and check out the next lovely state park a few miles from here, or hunker down for a gently unfolding day in nature, free of the hassle of changing campsites. I presume the latter will prevail because of yesterday's transition, the worst of which for me was the miles of smog that made a sickly orange haze from many oceanside factories. Such a juxtaposition to the conservation lands that sandwich them. Regardless, this "Forgotten Coast" will not be forgotten to us, but may it be forgotten by excessive development. Knowing my optimism, I will remember the best parts, all this time in the splendor of nature with my beloved Keith and Tina and loved ones in my heart.  

Here is a meditative moment to share some of this beauty with you. May it be a peaceful oasis within that you can return to whenever you need it.

Peace and love,


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