Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Armadillo Attack!

This morning our dog Tina and I were meandering behind our campsite, just barely into the flora and fauna of the wild. As I stood at the edge of the landscape, I heard a rustling in the tall, dry grass. Deaf as she is, Tina probably smelled what I heard because we both stood very still, watching, listening and (her) sniffing.

At first I thought it was s snake but then I saw a shiny round back and exclaimed aloud, "Oh, it's a sea turtle"! But then it lifted its head toward us, stood up on its hind legs, and I saw immediately that it had a protruded snout and little arms with tiny hands that clasped together as we carefully checked each other out. It looked just like a baby kangaroo, but remembering that I was in Florida, not Australia, I knew it couldn't have been a kangaroo, so I spared myself the embarassment of yelling out, "Keith, it's a kangaroo! Come quick!" But I did manage to yell for him to grab the camera, which didn't seem to phase our little friend in the least.

By the time Keith got there, I had figured out that it was an armadillo, a smallish one at that, although it has prehistoric ancestors that were as big as elephants! I've wondered before how armadillos ever evolved, and this experience is very telling of this unique creature's audacious survival instincts!

It seems that as soon as Keith and the armadillo saw each other, she rushed at Keith with such fiestiness that I think Keith was a little scared for a moment there. Meanwhile, it was hilarious to me, and you can hear me laughing like a hyena--or a crazy lady--on the sidelines. This really tickled my funny bone, and I can't recall the last time I've seen such a comical site in nature! May it tickle yours too!



  1. Next on The Discovery Channel, "When Armadillos Attack!". You won't want to miss it! LOL!

    I wonder if that was a mommadillo and you were near a nest...

  2. Marlin Perkins watch out. We have a new animal expert onthe rise!!!

  3. I'm with you Kim! I am thinkin' it was a mommadillo...The mama's do that to us up at my dad's is really funny to watch! Mary & Keith I do love reading your adventures. You are so descriptive, it makes me feel as if I am there with y'all! I am really hoping y'all will make thru Katy, Texas when y'all head this direction. I am right off I-10 interstate west of Houston!

  4. Kim, Momadillo---we love it!Yes, I presume it is a mama! And we saw it again this morning. I hope the humans that camp here after us won't start feeding or bothering it. We've done enough of being too close to its space already!

    Gaynelle, tis possible, we will be in touch!


    mare mare

  5. I liked this one, folks. Great fun. You must be feeling like you're entering the twilight zone!

  6. I LOVE this!! It is sooooo cool! And I LOVE the laughter.

    At some point I have to meet you guys, when I'm not in the midst of book launch. There is so much to share. Aren't you now living in Santa Fe? I am. But right now I'm up to my neck in getting out my book, "Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest".

    But when things settle down it would be fun to do some project together. Or...just laugh.

    This film is a ONE OF A KIND!! I love Keith's narrative. "Whoa, whoa!!" LOLOLOL!! And then Mary's bubbling laughter from the safety of the sidelines. :) :)

    You guys ROCK!!

    Mary knows me from Facebook. :)