Sunday, January 31, 2010

M and K on a Date!

Here's a photo of us on a sweet date at a wine bar in downtown Austin.........


  1. Lookin' Good!!!
    Glad you put that link to Sun City in here...I took the virtual tour...reminds so much of Sun City in Arizona where my SIL lives...I spend time there occasionally. Can really get spoiled quickly out there! But if you are like me, the wanderlust takes hold and ya just gotta get out on the road again! :)

  2. That is true for us too, Ruth! Has been a good rest for the weary, and the wanderlust is nudging but not calling too loudly, yet!


  3. Oh, oh, dominoe, a la Van Morrison. Nice to see you guys relaxing in the Lone Star. Sorry about Rigatina. All you wanna do is watch those wheels go round and round....Love Ken