Saturday, November 28, 2009


After saying goodbye to the good folks at Woodburn Hill Farm, we set sail to Fredericksburg, Virginia for a goodbye brunch with Mary's aunt Peg and Uncle Mike, and we were graciously joined by Mary's brother Jim, his wife Maggie, and our niece and nephew Raquel and Patrick, who made the trip down from Alexandria just to see us one more time. We are grateful for them coming so far for brunch!

Now, after a long drive through the beautiful Virginia countryside, we have arrived for an overnight stay at Yogaville, an ashram founded by Sri Swami Satchidananda on 600 acres of lush forest. Deer graze openly on the grounds, and don't even flinch when we walk by with Tina (however, when they hear the noise of our diesel engine roaring towards them, they high-tail it into the woods in a flash!). 

An interesting note: one of our Laughter Yoga friends back in Western Massachusetts did his Laughter Yoga certification course here at Yogaville (a shout out to Mark Sherry!).

While here at Yogaville, we will take advantage of three vegetarian meals a day, yoga classes, and even a Laughter Yoga session on Sunday at noon. As I write this post, Mary is attending satsang, an evening of chanting and singing.

On Tuesday, we will visit Twin Oaks, one of the most famous intentional communities in North America, and next weekend we will spend several days at Abundant Dawn, with a potential visit to the Acorn Community some time prior to the weekend.

Now that we have left the Washington, DC area firmly behind, it seems that we have also truly left the Northeast United States, entering a new phase of our journey around the country. We will keep you posted as newer pastures and vistas greet us around each bend in the road.



  1. Sounds bucolic Keith. Enjoy.

    Love and Om chants,


  2. My sweetie lived at Twin Oaks for about a year and a half starting around September, 2000.