Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ambling Through Ambler, PA

Having left the idyllic farmlands of Lake Ariel, we spent an evening and morning in Ambler, Pennsylvania, visiting with Vince, the dear father of our friend Carla in Lake Ariel.

Vince is a sweet Italian man who has lived a long and admirable life, raising three beautiful daughters, working 35 years at a local university, living a life of integrity, honesty and simplicity. Vince regaled us with stories of his early life in Italy, his immigration to the United States, his life of hard work, and his philosophy of saving, generosity and living close to the land.

We drank homemade wine, ate pasta, eggplant, fresh persimmons and roasted fish, admired the trees, flowers and gardens, and watched Game 6 of the World Series (which the Phillies summarily lost).

Thank you to Vince for his kindness, taking in two virtual strangers whom he had not seen for more than a decade, treating us like family and dear friends, which of course we now are!

Ambling through Ambler was surely a pleasure!


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