Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Camphill Special School

Today we visited the Camphill Special School in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, where Keith's cousin Henry (see photo above) has lived for a number of years. Camphill is a very special place which provides thoughtful and holistic care and education to individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophic belief system, Camphill delivers a Waldorf-based education that is steeped in the values of family and community living, and it is the only Camphill community for children in North America.

Henry is thriving at Camphill, and his mother Nancy Bea Miller (Keith's cousin, an artist mentioned in a previous post and seen in the photos above and below) met us for a wonderful lunch with his housemates and their attentive and loving staff.

With thoughtful architecture, beautiful art, a sense of true community, wholesome food, and excellent education, Camphill is an impressive and attractive community, and we are grateful for the care and attention given to Henry in these very important years of his development.

It was especially exciting for Mary who felt like a kid in a candy shop being in the heart of a genuine Waldorf environment. Before we were together, Mary was a single mother and worked hard to enroll her son Rene' into a Waldorf kindergarten in Silver Spring, MD. But alas, Rene' did not care for the Waldorf style so Mary transferred him to The Oneness Family School (then in its first year) until they moved to Woodburn Hill Farm. Rene' was home-schooled on the farm for the 6 months we lived there. Needless to say, Rene's kindergarten year was very interesting, ending with newly married parents and a big move to New England where he stayed until just a few months ago. Now, his parents are trailing behind, and today marks the day we officially leave the Northeast and cross over that Mason Dixon line!

---Keith and Mary


  1. Sweet photos. Glad Henry is doing so well. Say hi to DC and Adam for me!!

  2. 1. I want to work at that Waldorf school someday!
    2. That cow is a kitty kat.
    3. I love you guys.