Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Movin' On

Well, we did it. After a day of torpor, we managed to extricate ourselves from the metropolitan DC area where we were wallowing somewhat in despair following the loss of our dear friend.

Our wonderful hosts in Takoma Park (Paul Ruther, Laura Kriv and their lovely children Nesha and Lena) left for Chicago to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, and we spent one last day in Takoma Park resting our bones and allowing ourselves to grieve. Our trip to Massachusetts really took a lot out of us, and having an extra day to recover was essential.

We also managed to celebrate the 48th birthday of Mary's brother Jim, and enjoyed a small party with him and his wife Maggie, and our awesome niece and nephew, Raquel and Patrick Rives in Alexandria, Virginia. Jim received a special birthday present--a job offer right here in DC! Congratulations to him are in order!

Today, after a day of errands and driving from northern Maryland to southern Maryland, we managed to empty our tanks at a state park, fill up with diesel and propane, buy wine and beer, pick up fresh Maryland crab cakes, and stock up on other provisions from a local farmer's market for a Thanksgiving feast.

It is duly noted that people here in Maryland are extremely friendly, from the man who filled our propane tank to the women behind the counter at the fish market. Southern graciousness and friendliness is no myth, and it is already apparent that we certainly have moved south. 

Just before sundown, we arrived to Woodburn Hill Farm, the communal farm/intentional community where we lived and were married in 1989. We were heartily welcomed by an old farm friend, a beautiful sunset, and two bald eagles crossing our path as we walked to the hill where our wedding ceremony was performed twenty years ago.

We will spend several restful days here on the farm, have some minor repairs done on the rig, and continue our journey south some time this holiday weekend.

We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, and send our heartfelt gratitude and blessings to all.

---Keith and Mary

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  1. Glad to see you guys are back on the open road!! Say hi to the farm for us! (hanging out with Adam and Sabina at 8 Wilson Way....