Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving From Keith

Dear All,

Happy Thanksgiving! We are contentedly ensconced in front of a warm woodstove here at Woodburn Hill Farm in Mechanicsville, Maryland. Tina is sound asleep in an old upholstered chair, and people here at the farm are readying for various social gatherings and meals in the surrounding area.

For us, it's a day to take stock, relax by the fire, cook a late afternoon meal, and maybe even watch a movie.

I realize today how very much I do indeed have to be grateful for, and returning to Western Massachusetts last weekend was a reminder of the wealth of friends and loved ones with whom we are still very connected despite the miles between us.

Thank you to everyone for their kindnesses big and small over the years---for the hugs, phone calls, emails, love and support. This process of letting go and hitting the open road has not been easy. In fact, I would say that it is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. It is an experiment, a calculated risk, and a grand opportunity for personal renewal and rebirth.

With David's death behind us and the grieving process following its natural course, we will make our way down the coast, and I look forward to those moments when I can hang my head out the window like a dog, smiling into the winds of change.

For today, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, and send you all our love and compassion and gratitude from our hearts to yours.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving you three! Hugs and kisses from your loving cousins in Philadelphia xox

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Keith, and thank YOU for all the things you've done for me!
    Mary Ann