Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Raven Star

Last night as Barry milked the goats and fed the barn animals, Keith, Carla, and I prepared a magnificent feast the 5 of us enjoyed together. We made pureed chick pea soup with their homegrown garlic and rosemary sauteed in olive oil, homegrown butternut squash with warm maple syrup, homemade hot pepper cornbread and backyard dinosaur kale. Yum! Carla's daughter, Raven Star, and I planned improv games that we all played together round the wood stove. It was a lot of fun and we laughed so much!

Today we went to The Himalayan Institute, took our fine hosts to lunch, and tonight Keith and I led a little Laughter Yoga 'round the fire as a way to support Raven's upcoming presentation at an elementary school on Thursday morning. She then did a seamless, woolly rehearsal with us. You see, Raven is a homeschooler who is also a Blue Ribbon winner for her beautiful, unique creations that she does as part of her homeschooling with her mama Carla. She was invited by a teacher
who was a judge at the County Fair to demonstrate her felting and wool dying crafts. You are in for a treat to see the photos of the process of one of her award winning creations. By the way, she has also won Best in Show in other competitions. Raven is only 12 years old and I have been having so much fun with my new friend. I will sincerely miss her when we leave Sweet Grass Farm and this sweet family tomorrow, but I look forward to being in better touch over the years too.

A link to the photos of Raven's hat-making process will follow!


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