Friday, November 13, 2009

Seven Stars Farm

After leaving Camphill Special School, we paid an impromptu visit to Seven Stars Farm, a biodynamic farm in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania that produces our favorite organic yogurt in the world!

The milk is obtained from Seven Stars' own beloved and well-treated cows, and some additional milk is brought in from local organic dairy farmers as needed, and then placed in an incubator where the cultures are allowed to process and ferment.

The folks at Seven Stars were exceedingly kind and generous, giving us a free container of their new heavy whipping cream and another plain yogurt. Still, we were not able to tear ourselves away without buying a quart of our two favorites: Maple and Vanilla!

Thanks to the staff of Seven Stars for the tour and generosity, and we encourage everyone to buy Seven Stars' products at your local health food store!

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