Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tina the Traveler

Tina in Lake Ariel, PA

Well, Tina has been adapting to the RV lifestyle for several months, and now she is actively adapting to life on the road. In Bozrah, CT, she interacted with cats (not always elegantly, I may add), and here in Lake Ariel, PA, she's sharing space with goats, chickens, another dog, guinea hens, sheep, and ducks (not to mention our human hosts!).

Over all, I should say that Tina is doing very well for a 14-year-old canine who loves her creature comforts, but I do have some qualms about her ability to continue to roll with the many changes to come. She is not yet comfortable hanging out in the rig alone, although we are continuing to force her to do so for short intervals, hoping to increase those intervals over time.

Tina is a remarkable dog, and she is loved by most anyone who comes to know her. She is indeed getting on in years, and although she has moments of playfulness and spunk, she also likes a good snooze. To her credit, we have taken her on some pretty substantial walks on the land here in Lake Ariel, and she has impressively held her own and apparently enjoyed the fresh country air.

If you are so inclined, feel free to send Tina some positive canine love through the ethers, and encourage her to relax, roll with the changes, and learn to spend time in the rig without freaking out and standing on the table in a panic (her newest trick). All of our stuff is in the rig, including her bed, her toys and familiar smells, so there should be no reason that she can't become accustomed to time alone while she waits for us to shop, eat a meal, or do errands.

Tina is our canine pride and joy, and although traveling with a dog does pose some specific challenges, we hope that she can enjoy the ride and relax into her own little RV sabbatical.



  1. Tina is a wonderful dog
    when she came to my house she brought with her a very nice energy that I will not forget
    I was so happy to invite her
    I beliave in changes now
    I am really a fan of Tina ;-)!!
    thanks Tina to came to my place
    I love you
    a woman overcome of the conjugal violence

  2. I'm sure Tina is contributing to the adventure in her own way. She seems like such a calming influence! Such a regal lady, set in her ways wherever she may be. Best to you all, Pat

  3. Esther says hi to Tina n both of you guys.
    "Tina ... make like a doodle n chill..."
    Esther says before snoozing on the couch.

    esther n gfv

  4. hey dear jolly friends,
    where are the hats? sounds wonderful all of it


  5. I just started following your wanderings....
    I work with animals and will remember Tina in my next distance healing session. I hope you all health, blessings and beauty on your road....

  6. Tina is an absolute LOVE DOG! I am checking your blog as you pull out of our parking lot and already I am missing her. Here's sending you lots of hugs, kisses, and bits of chicken soup, Tina! Carol Goetz