Monday, November 30, 2009

Community visit update from Louisa, Virginia

It was helpful to have been in Yogaville during our first night and day south of our familiar environments and people. Being in the warmth, nourishment and safety of an intentional community--which is also a spiritual ashram--was indeed a blessing as the reality sank in more deeply of moving further away from our beloved family and friends. As one friend put it, after Woodburn Hill Farm, we're setting out "into the wild" where our now month-long quest continues. Even though we enjoyed our brief stay that ended with a really wonderful Laughter Yoga class, we are clear that ashram living is not for us, but here are a few pics to give you an idea of this special place.


 We are currently at a wooded and sparsely populated campground nestled next to either a large pond in Louisa, Virginia.  Now that we are finally within short driving distance of Twin Oaks, one of the oldest and most established intentional communities in the United States, we will have lunch and a tour tomorrow, thanks to being hosted by a kind soul there. There are several other communities in the area, and we will spend the next few days following up contacts with them for visits.
Today is a cloudy, rainy day here in Louisa and, thanks to, we are grateful to have a discounted campsite ($17.50 per night!) with electric, sewer and water hookups included. It is such a treat to simply flush the toilet, run the water, plug in electrical devices, and have no worries about our tank levels, batteries, solar panels, etc. We spend a fair amount of time managing and keeping track of these details, so being in a campground where we're fully hooked up is a luxury we don't take for granted. Keith is the one who deals with most of those details, and although Mary does her best to pull her weight, she really appreciates all of his judiciousness. Thank you, Keith!

As for life on the road, we are beginning to get into the groove of it, now that we are on our own. One thing for sure is that---like most any life---it necessitates connection, and we look forward to making many new friends along the way. Still, nothing is as special as hearing from loved ones and readers which can really lift our spirits. Please feel free to leave comments or send an email from time to time. We'll be sure to respond.

Sending our best to you from Louisa, Virginia!

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