Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Brief Return to Massachusetts

So, it's been decided that we will briefly return to Massachusetts this coming weekend in order to grieve the loss of our dear friend David in the company of his community of loved ones. While returning to the area from which we so recently departed seems inconvenient on the surface, it is truly perfect on some level, and we trust that it will be the experience that we need at this time of loss and grieving.

On Friday, we will fly from Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) to Boston, and then attend several memorial services in both Lexington and Amherst, Massachusetts.

Now that the decision has been made, it feels like we are doing the right thing. We are so grateful to our friends here in Maryland who have been supporting us with food, love, friendship, a place to park our rig, and the opportunity to openly and freely process this significant life experience. We are also grateful to Mary's family who will care for Tina in our absence and give her the love she needs while we're away.

This has been an unforeseen interruption of our journey, but as a friend pointed out very aptly, it is actually not an interruption, but simply a part of the overall journey.


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  1. Hey Mary and Keith -- I am taking a quick break from work to say how grateful I am that you came back for Dave's services and how valuable you were to him and his family. You are truly shining stars in life's journey. And best wishes as you continue on with your travels -- I'll write more another time. Jim