Monday, December 7, 2009

The Straw Bale "Truth Window"

Straw bale homes, which are built with super-thick walls filled with straw, are eco-friendly and energy efficient, and we were blessed to spend the night in just such a home at the Common Ground intentional community near Lexington, Virginia.

In her infinite wisdom, Mary decided to do a photo essay in order to capture a unique tradition in many straw-bale homes--- the "Truth Window". The Truth Window is a way in which the inner workings of straw bale construction are revealed, allowing visitors to see just what's inside those enormously thick walls. So here is a revealing series of photos by Mary of the "truth window" of the straw bale home where we recently spent the night.





  1. How cool is that! And I love the idea of a truth window, in general.

  2. Haven't checked in with "the adventure" recently, but this is awesome!

    A truth window is an excellent idea:-)