Friday, December 4, 2009

Common Ground!

Hello, dear Readers! We are currently visiting the Common Ground Community near Lexington, Virginia, where we received a very warm and gracious welcome yesterday afternoon, which included a delicious dinner and a relaxed evening with kind people and beautiful children!

Common Ground is an intentional community and incorporated homeowner's association that is currently thriving and growing. Seeking new members---including those with children of any age---Common Ground has room for expansion, with several beautiful sites where new members could build modest homes with road access, electricity and natural spring water. Each home uses composting toilets and some solar power, and residents share meetings, meals, gardening, and other common activities.

Upon arriving yesterday, our rig did indeed get into a very tight spot, and we were able to extricate it from a tangle of branches (with the guidance of Tony our host and a hand saw), and we suffered only one "battle scar" on the right side of the rig near the door.

As I write this blog post, I am---believe it or not---in the library of the Virginia Military Institute, making use of their computers since we have no internet access or cell service up on the mountain at Common Ground.

The countryside here is spectacularly beautiful, and while the weather is chilly (lower 30s at night and 50s during the day), we are enjoying our stay, the company of our kind and generous hosts, and our camping spot near a rushing stream and bucolic pond.

For those of you trying to contact us by phone, we will retrieve messages when we are able. And for those sending us emails, we will also retrieve those in good time. We appreciate people reaching out, and welcome contact any time!

Stay tuned for photos from Common Ground, and further reports as we head south towards the Asheville, North Carolina area next week.


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