Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lake Guntersville, Alabama

We are now ensconced at Lake Guntersville State Park near Guntersville, Alabama, holding true to our promise to inch our way towards Atlanta. In fact, if you look at our National Geographic road atlas, we have indeed moved ourselves approximately two inches east.

 Relatively short distances notwithstanding, the change of scenery is welcome. Although our last campground was lovely---with deodorizer-free bathrooms and friendly hosts---we now have an expansive view of Lake Guntersville from our dinette and our bedroom, and the negative ions from the wind blowing across the water are indeed refreshing.

We're aware that more than twenty inches of snow have fallen on Washington, DC, and my parents' homes in New Jersey are also blanketed in snow. Here in Guntersville, it's 39 degrees and very windy, and the temperature is expected to dip down to right around the freezing mark overnight. We feel deep compassion for our shivering friends and family in New England, and although they may envy our balmy 39 degrees, they certainly wouldn't envy how I had to thaw our sewer outlet pipe with a hairdryer last week at a North Carolina campground. Still, we're happy that so many people we love will enjoy a white Christmas and Solstice, as well as a wintry end to Hannukah!

Sewers and snow aside, I spied a great blue heron on the shores of the lake just after we arrived, and Mary was able to snap a lovely shot of some significantly tame deer as we entered the park. Also, I'm convinced that I saw a bald eagle snatch a fish from the lake as I walked along the shore just after we landed.

 As I write, we are listening to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on the local NPR station, laughing along with Carl Kasell and Peter Sagal as the wind shakes our rig and the temperature drops.

Life on the road is treating us well, and we are indeed looking forward to Christmas with family following a relaxing weekend here in northeastern Alabama.  We send our love and the greetings of the holiday season to all!

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