Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reading Bryson Aloud

Here's a pair of lovely sunset photos of Mary, sitting on the shore of Lake Gunterville, reading Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" aloud to Keith, who subsequently fell asleep with his mouth hanging open in a most unattractive manner (but there's no photo to prove it).

By the way, we highly recommend "A Walk in the Woods", our favorite laugh-out-loud book of all time!


  1. Hey guys --
    I heard Bryson AWITW while traveling cross country on books on tape... nice connection.. with the two of you whom I do love somuch......


  2. I need to read this book! It would be good if my Dad was alive to read it...from the time I could barely walk, and my baby sisters were toddling...we hiked parts of the trail with him and Mom...daunting at that age, but dad was an adventurer and a survivalist (except he died at age 44)
    We didn't know how much fun we were having as we were being lifted and pushed up and down ravines and stuff in the '50's...Primitive camping in Maine followed as we got older. All Dad's determined play prepard me for MCS! Thanks Dad...and thank sisters will get the book I am sure.:)