Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Canine Cousins

Here's a photo of Tina and her canine cousin, Scottie, who lives a relaxing life here in the Atlanta area. Although Scottie teases Tina about her New England accent (she was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, after all), they tolerate each other well enough, especially considering that Tina is almost as deaf as a doornail and Scottie is nearly legaly blind.

For Tina's part, she likes to sleep in Scottie's little beds, steal his food, and otherwise take advantage of the little guy's southern hospitality. For Scottie's part, he's polite but inconvenienced---like a true southern gentledog---and an aloofly generous and indifferent host. (Please note their cleverly distinguished disguises).

This post was co-written by, co-produced, co-directed and brought to you by the Christmas crew at Norcross, Georgia. My name is Mary Rives and with Scottie and Tina's prior agreement,
I approve this message.


  1. Hi Mary and Keith,
    One of my greatest joys is checking in to see what you two are doing! Your blog stirs
    the memories of my RV life with great gusto!
    I wish you well on your journey, and one day to cherish all the good times you've had.
    Hoping that you will ease into the new year
    with good health, lots of fun, and everything working great on that rig of yours. Loved this little piece about these
    two old sweeties today!
    Ruth in Wisconsin

  2. Thank you, Ruth! That is so kind! Many blessings on your New Year, as well!

    By the way, how did you find our blog, pray tell?



  3. Found you through Canary Report. The fact that you two are doing the RV journey was so appealing to me, I was instantly hooked! :)