Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Acorn Community

Following our visit to Twin Oaks, we were lucky enough to also have a personal tour of Acorn Community, a small "sister/daughter" off-shoot of Twin Oaks that is now completely self-sustaining.

Within half an hour of arriving, it was easy to see that Acorn is indeed thriving, with new hay bale construction and other projects underway. The savvy people at Acorn have parlayed their heirloom seed production into a globally recognized seed distribution business, and this has allowed them to expand their membership from 7 members to 20 in less than a year, and they count themselves among the handful of communities in the United States that practice complete income-sharing (like their sister, Twin Oaks). In fact, Acorn and Twin Oaks are both members of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.

Acorn is a wonderful community in the throes of exciting growth and expansion, and we are grateful to our host Jason for his kindness and time. We hope to come visit again and see how things are developing.

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