Monday, December 28, 2009

Good to Go

So, after another day of the mobile mechanic working his magic, we are ready to be back on the road tomorrow. This time here in Atlanta with family has been priceless, and although these needed repairs have taxed our wallet, we are blessed that the radiator leak was detected here in the safety of my sister's driveway rather than on the cold, open highway.

I have to admit that my understanding of engines, machines and the physical world is negligible, and I indeed experience some level of helplessness and despair when faced with things gone awry. Give me a sentence to edit, a blood pressure to check, a patient to assess, and I can take care of things in a jiffy. But when it comes to a handyman's world, I'm Homer Simpson on a bad day.

In his infinite wisdom, my compassionate (and skilled) brother-in-law has tried to instill in me a new mantra: "Fixing is fun, fixing is fun, fixing is fun". Whether or not this mantra becomes part and parcel of my being remains to be seen, but for now I will consider what it can mean for me, and try to face future mechanical problems with aplomb and calm. I have no aspirations to become a master mechanic, but if I can raise my mechanical self-esteem a few notches, it might help as we continue our journey. 

Anyway, with this chapter coming to a close, we give thanks for family, for kind mechanics who do their work with a friendly demeanor, and for the way in which things continue to come together, even when things seem dark and foreboding.

After a final night with family here in Atlanta, we'll set out again into the wilderness of America, and open our arms to what presents itself at the next bend in the road. Maary adds, in the meanwhile y'all come back now, ya heah?


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