Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best Laid Plans.....

Well, friends and readers, after a wonderful five nights of holiday cheer with family here in the Atlanta area, we were packed up and ready to depart on the next leg of our journey just after today's lunch. But as we warmed up the rig and began our preparations for launch, a tell-tale leak of antifreeze from under the hood (and the growing puddle of shimmering green fluid on the driveway macadam) made it clear that our imminent departure would indeed be thwarted.

Just yesterday, a mobile RV mechanic came to the house, (supposedly) fixed the antifreeze leak, sealed a few troublesome areas in need of silicone sealant, and repaired several other irksome issues in need of attention. In addition, my brilliant brother-in-law also led the charge in repairing some areas on the wheel wells that were simply screaming for attention.


Today, when all was indeed in readiness, we were summarily reminded that the best laid plans of even the most conscientious road warriors can be turned on their head, and we simply need to roll with the punches and deal with what's on our plate.

On Monday morning, we'll see if our itinerant RV mechanic can remedy our situation in short order. If so, we'll head out on Interstate 75 South and visit Fort Benning, a Georgian army base where Mary spent a portion of her formative years. If a more complicated fix is needed, we'll cross that bridge with grace. Then, we'll visit Fort Benning before we head to Florida, where we'll see a few good friends, celebrate the New Year, and visit some intriguing intentional communities. 

Tune in tomorrow for the next chapter of Mary and Keith's Excellent Adventure.


  1. Great that you guys are really rolling with the punches. A sign that you have become true roadies!!

    Love Ken

  2. A mobile RV mechanic. Who knew? Sorry you needed his services, but hopefully you'll soon be merrily on your way. Great pictures. Love the deer. Travel safe, folks.