Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life IS good!

Today has been an easy transition from Central Tennessee to North Alabama, taking back roads, having no regrets, and taking our sweet time. Truly happy campers are we and this life on the road often feels really free. Tonight by our first fire in a while, we heard coyotes in the distance and imagined the wild hogs we were told live nearby! We were also warned not to let our little dog wander off, so as always, Tina is safely by our side, perpetual dependent that she is. She's attached to me here by her leash but leaning on Keith's leg as he took this picture:

I 'reckon' you can say we've made it to the deep South cus here we are in the back woods of Alabama. I reckon' you can also say that I am enjoying most all of this---the lifestyle, the freedom that goes along with it, the open road, the mountains, the pastures and meadows, the bare trees, the small things, the delightful surprises of the roads less taken, the changing scenery and cultures, the birds, the kind people, the soothing sounds of rushing streams, camping at the edge of an open field or in a forest, the many happy hugs, the relief of returning to friendly people and the gradually warming weather. I am so blessed and at the end of this day, we both can say we are content, grateful and at peace...



  1. Hi Mary,
    Lots of Love
    to you down there
    in Alabammy!

  2. you sound like happy adventurers! :) much love and light to you both! :)

  3. Hope you enjoy this holiday season in the backroads of Alabama. Just think how many other people wish they were having experiences like yours! You guys rock!