Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bye Bye New England!

We've done it, we've left New England. That was not easy (nor cheap). 20 years in Massachusetts. 20 years of being married, 20 years of raising a family. 20 years of meaningful work. Feelings are running deep and peace sets in on this now quiet Halloween night at Carla's farm in Northern PA. How lovely to be greeted with such warmth and excitement, to have the best trick or treat experience ever in the nearby town, to see Keith happy, to have changed our lives to this new life of travel. Is it really happening? Its hard to fully take in. But walking the land in the morning, meeting the goats, ducks and chickens and hula hooping with Raven, our amazing 12 year old friend, will help it sink in. I laughed as we rolled down the highway today, just simply laughed at the fact that we are now free from the confines of a lifestyle that was no longer serving our higher purpose. We did it, we let go, and we're journeying now. So please, stay tuned for many, many tales of our travels. For starters, see the ones leading up to now.




  1. Wow!! Mary, it takes a lot of courage to do what you and Keith are doing. I look forward to hearing about your insights and adventures.

  2. We're all so happy for you! This new adventure will be amazing.
    You asked for advise so here is a minor piece for you. Diesel engines need to be warmed up before they will offer power to run a rig as big as yours. They are not like gas engines that are best warmed by driving off slowly. Paul

  3. Happy New Year, Mary. What a great day to start on your great traveling adventure. Love to Keith as well.

  4. Thanks, y'all! The warm p tip is much appreciated, Paul, and will be woven in to our take-offs.

    Diva carla, happy new year indeed! nice to see it that way, babe.

    Shalini, it did and it does! Seems we are living the "feel the fear and do it anyway!" reality.

    Off to bundle up and help plant some garlic bulbs...