Thursday, October 1, 2009

Soon Come....

Well, the days are growing colder---it'll be in the 30's tonight, apparently---and we are inching our way towards our projected departure date of October 28th.

Today, our mobile RV technician made a "house-call" (so to speak) and installed a new water pump. The pump, which is in a cabinet just under the bed, pumps water on demand from our fresh-water tank to whatever faucet we are using. If we're hooked up to "city water" (receiving water right from a hose attached to a house or a campground hookup), the pump is not needed. But if we are in a situation wherein we are utilizing our own on-board fresh water supply (like where we're parked right now), then this pump is essential. We plan to stay in campgrounds as little as possible, so having an efficient water pump that won't break down is crucial.

After the pump was installed, he and I climbed up on the roof and identified several areas that needed a little reinforcement. With the help of special caulking, some questionable areas were treated, and now our roof is tightly sealed against the elements. A big sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, tomorrow we will have two tires replaced, the tires rotated, and we'll also take a pause to dump out the ol' waste tanks at the local sewage treatment plant. Another sigh or relief.

With only 2 weeks of work left for both of us, time is of the essence and we are taking advantage of every day to get something done towards our pending departure.

"Soon come", as they say in Jamaica. Soon come.


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