Friday, October 30, 2009

We're Finally on the Road!

Well folks, we did it! We spent our final night in Western MA, packed up our things, dropped off our car for a friend to sell for us, and made tracks to Bozrah, Connecticut. We are ensconced in the lovely home of Paul and Joanne Woodward, the parents of our dear old friend Woody, and are thoroughly enjoying a relaxing evening of take-out Chinese, herbal tea with honey, good company, and a touch of medium dry sherry for my lungs as I recover from a cold and cough.

The rig---"Scottie La Blanca"---is now our only vehicle and our only home, and we are amazed that this day has finally arrived!


This new life on the road and our new and lighter lifestyle will be sinking in more once we are no longer in our beloved New England. I am glad and grateful that it has been an amazing time of special last visits, loving farewells, some tearful embraces, and astonishing serendipitous meetings with people that the Universe/Spirit/God meant for us to see again. That confirms for me how I can be "in the zone" and experience the oneness and connection that feeds our spirits. I have asked for this spiritual support for the trip and have been blessed with receiving it well before the journey began.

We promise to share some pics and videos of some of our final days and moments in Western MA but will first need to decompress from the flurry of goodbyes and logistical preparations and learn how to post from my new flip video camera. I am good and tired, and look forward to a good night's sleep with dreams to transport me where they will. Many blessings, dear ones, and sweet dreams to you---or good morning, glories if you're reading this by the light of day!


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