Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallowe'en in Honesdale, PA

This afternoon we landed ourselves in Lake Ariel, PA to pay a visit to our homesteading friends Carla, Barry and Raven, who raise goats, chickens, ducks, honey, organic vegetables and berries, living off of their fertile 72 acres of Pennsylvanian land.

Trick-or-treating in Honesdale, PA was an unmatched experience of community and enthusiasm. Dozens of homes were festively decorated, with the occupants themselves dressed in costume, waiting on their front porches for trick-or-treaters to arrive. Since all of use were dressed in costume---both adults and children---we were all treated to friendly hospitality (and many treats) as we roamed from house to house throughout this quaint little town.

Being here in the hills of Pennsylvania makes the fact "hit home" that we have truly left New England. Driving west on Route 84 in our rig was an experience of realization that we have really done it, we're on the road and on our way. It's the road to nowhere, and nowhere feels just fine.



  1. I must say that the road to nowhere always leads to somewhere unless it isn't going anywhere. So, in the beginning of this open-ended journey, I am grateful to have the destinations of friends and family along the east. Sprinkle in some intentional community visits too and I feel a sense of place that helps in this early leg of the journey. The time will come when we will just go and see what we can see, but for now, we are connecting with loved ones we've not been able to spend much time with over the years and this is such a treat! yay!

  2. Thank you for sharing the halloween film clips - it gave me a new insight into the American tradition of halloween -showing it as a time of connecting community and establishing/strengthening bonds - and brought a big smile to my face.