Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Eve of Adventure

Tonight is our final night in Western Massachusetts---at least in this current iteration---and we find ourselves ensconced in the home of one David S., our friend of many years. A simple autumnal supper, music and friendship---what more could one require?

Just the other evening, our friend Dagen hosted a small but memorable potluck dinner, and we received a powerful tarot reading which provided us with great insight into our current situation and its potentialities.

Tomorrow, we bid adieu to these hills and the river valley which we have called home for seventeen years, and with the blessings and support of so many, we begin a peripatetic adventure that will no doubt bring many surprises and wonders along the way.

Please come along for the ride whenever you like, and let us know you're out there once in a while. Silent readers are welcome, but comments and inquiries can be a boon to the spirit.

See you on the road!



  1. it is hard to belive we are no longer in western mass! this is our first night away and i am happy it is still in new england. we are in connecticut at our friend woody's parents. i am sitting across the room from woody's grandpa who is 94. we are kind of flirting as we wave to each other every few minues. he tells me i am pretty, i thank him. he forgets he tells me so he tells me again and we both seem to be enjoying this! tomorrow we leave new england...