Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teletubby Friends

Mary has a penchant for finding curious toys and objects wherever we go, and many of these become like talismen or mascots for us, hanging out on tables, altars, dashboards, and other places where they collect dust and sometimes become a part of our family landscape (like this rubber duck that Mary found in Chama, New Mexico on the banks of the river---he still lives in our shower).

Once upon a time, Mary found a 2-inch replica of "Dipsy", one of the four "Teletubbies". For those of you unfamiliar with the Teletubbies, they are a group of creatures made famous by a somewhat psychedelic British television program that aired for many years on American PBS stations. The Teletubbies were made especially infamous by Jerry Falwell, who claimed that one of the characters---the purple "Tinky Winky" who was festooned with a triangular purple antenna on his head and carried a purple handbag---was gay.

At any rate, our little green Dipsy has been living on our front porch among various rocks and stones for many months, and two neighborhood girls somehow took a shine to him. Like many children here in The Commons, these girls see precious little television and have no notion of who or what the Teletubbies are, but they periodically knock on our door, politely ask to borrow Dipsy, and then just as graciously return him when they're done playing. It's a sweet ritual, and it's amazing how a little 2-inch broken plastic statuette can bring such joy and imaginative play to two creative, innocent and beautiful children.


  1. I never tire of reading about your enchanting lives! You make even the mundane seem somehow magical. I love it!
    Hugs for you both,
    Ruth. (Temp here today was a whopping 15 degrees, you guys!)

  2. Thank you, Ruth! And we never tire of your thoughtful and sweet comments!

    (It was 58 degrees here today, but locals are complaining that the water table is suffering due to the utter lack of snow or rain this season. Still, it was nice to sit in the warm sun today!)

  3. Hi guys,
    Wondering when you will be back to blogging here...miss reading what you've been up to, and all the wonderful photos! Please let me know.

  4. Dearest Ruth,

    Thank you for checking in. We sure do miss being on the road and at the same time, we are enjoying settling into our new life here in Santa Fe. We are so grateful for your faithful company along the journey and now invite you to join us in a new endeavor...

    Our new blog is now on http://rivescarlsoncoaching.com which will soon feature inspirational videos from our travels! Woo hoo!

    You can also find our Laughter Incorporated and Rives Carlson Coaching pages on Facebook, and connect with us there.

    Looking forward to staying in touch, dear Ruth.


    Mary (and Keith)

  5. Thanks Mary! Will hop right over there next and see what's cookin'