Thursday, April 8, 2010

White Sands of New Mexico

Today we visited a dreamscape at the White Sands National Monument, a 275-square mile area of gypsum sand that continues to grow and migrate as the gypsum is washed down from the nearby mountain ranges.

White Sands is the world's largest gypsum dune field, and we walked barefoot under the bright sun in 70-degree weather, giving poor dark-colored Tina water in her portable travel bowl every twenty minutes or so.

Although the area is allegedly teeming with wildlife, most of it is nocturnal and we were not blessed with any sightings of kit foxes, snakes, or other desert denizens, but we did see some nice tracks in the fine sand.

The day ended with a long drive to El Paso, Texas and some disappointment when we were turned away when applying for our drivers licenses. After a night in a roadside campground here in the very ugly city of El Paso, we hope to rectify our situation tomorrow morning and walk away with our new licenses by early afternoon.

The contrast from the stark, white and pristine desert of White Sands to the concrete jungle of El Paso's version of Babylon is striking and somewhat disconcerting, but we're still lucky and grateful to be on the road as we are, and tomorrow will be just another day on earth.

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  1. beautiful photos Keith and Mary! Wow, the variety of the country you are seeing...