Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Ending!

A very scared and wet yellow lab came to our window during this evening's thunder and lightning storm. He was persistently panting and pleading for shelter from the storm so, of course, I let him in. I knew right away he was not our resident yellow lab and the tag on his collar read "Samson". I left the owners a phone message and also Googled their last name. I came up with owners of Santa Fe Cafe. I called there to learn that the cafe is in South Carolina and the owners had just lost their dog! Different dog, but isn't that weird?

The storm blew in a scared, shaking Samson to be in our safe space with a terrified, trembling Tina. How misery indeed loves company! And lucky me, I had two panting, drooling, pacing, silly, scared dogs by my side, in my lap and like old friends together. It was such a gift, and felt to me like some kind of divine intervention.

The owner was beside herself when she called, telling me the dog was far from home, that the door blew open while she was away and that he took off in the storm. She was worried sick and immediately left to come pick up her baby of 13 years.

Funny how things work out and that this dog arrived to our doorstep, of all places. As many of you know, we used to have a yellow lab named Sparkey, our beloved boy, who grew up with Tina.

The moral of the story is...when opportunity knocks at your door, open the door and let it in!

Here is a fine reward for me doing so tonight:

"Dear Mary, Keith and Tina:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Samson and I are sending you a big hug and a lick for watching out for us during this very scary storm.  Please find me on Facebook and keep in touch so we can have you over to our place to properly thank you for saving Samson’s life.

"Much love and appreciation"



  1. very sweet and I like the moral of the story!

  2. YAY!!! Tina looks so cute with her tongue hanging out! How lovely Sparkey sent you his mirror "friend"...and who would know how a momma would feel in a storm more than you would Mary! Loving it! Happy all is well...a beautiful share.

  3. Really amazing little "tail..."!!!!

  4. Thank you for the happy ending.

  5. Ah, that yellow lab knew a soft place to land...with you three! Wonderful story, Mary.

  6. I'm not surprised AT ALL that he chose Your door :) I love happy endings! He reminds me of another Friend's dog [Jake]. I will invite her - her name is Jean - to take a look at this. It might be a good time for her since her Jake is quite ill. Love you! Sherri

  7. How sweet! and what a wonder you are!

  8. My mom from New Hampshire and I have just been on your blog and have been laughing about all of your adventures. Samson and I are looking forward to having all of you over for a thank you party. Best, Jennifer

  9. I am delighted to share such good news and to see how everyone is so responsive. We all need more happy endings in this ol' world, huh?

    And Jennifer, we will be there to celebrate the good life our pups with rings on our fingers and bells on our toes! No need to do so, as we are perfectly happy with the happy ending just as it is, but new friends make it even happier!