Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rene!

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to spend a a lovely overnight visit with two of our favorite people in the world: our son Rene and daughter-in-law Bevin. They came down from Taos last Friday after work and joined us for a concert by Modest Mouse at the inspiring and interesting Paolo Soleri Amphitheater at the Santa Fe Indian School, and then for birthday brunch on Saturday morning. It was great to be together, celebrate Rene's 27th birthday, and share delicious homemade quiche and chocolate ganache cake.

Happy 27th, Rene! May stepping into your late mid-twenties be a year of good health, fun, adventure, breakthroughs and a whimsical acceptance of all that is!

With love from yo Mama y tu Papa <3


  1. So wonderful to see your smiling faces again...have been away for a bit. Your posts
    are like a breath of fresh air to me!
    Great health to you all!
    Note, a friend and myself doing Gupta program..she is so well she is going back to work all within 6 months of beginning it.
    I too am so much better...doing EFT workshops now...couldn't resist letting you know. I will continue to follow your blog
    since it refreshes my spirit tremendously!
    Hugs for you,

  2. Thanks, Ruth! Good to hear from you again, and so glad you're well!