Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Sweet Spreedom

This week we had the fortunate blessing of meeting an adventurous young couple---Ainsley and Karl---who are on a summer road trip with a mission.

Ainsley and Karl aren't just road-tripping---they're sinking their teeth into the real America, taking their time to get to know people, volunteer their time, search for community, and experience life far beyond the trappings of tourism and roadside attractions. They are members of their generation who believe that there's something good happening in the United States behind all of the bad news and propaganda, and they want to know what those good things are and communicate that to their disenchanted peers. 

Their blog, Sweet Sweet Spreedom, is as sweet as they are, and offers views of America and American culture through the eyes of two young people who are curiously making their way across the West with eyes and arms wide open. 

We were so happy to connect with these two special travelers, and we wish them the best as they continue to embrace the uncertainty and magic of the road. 

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