Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fellow Travelers on the Road.......

Just today, we were lucky enough to meet two couples who are now on the road and happened to be passing through here at The Commons on the Alameda.

Tristan and Libby used to live in Amherst, Massachusetts, the town from which we absconded only seven months ago (in fact, we lived there at the same time but never crossed paths, sadly enough). They've been living here in Santa Fe for several years and are now whittling down their lives, packing up their few belongings in a homemade gypsy caravan, and heading back to Western Massachusetts to begin a new life in the lushness of New England. They are obviously highly talented, motivated and enterprising people, and we wish them well on their journey and hope to keep in touch. Their blog, Whittled Down, is well worth a frequent perusal. Here's a photo of the interior of their gypsy wagon, which is covered with waterproof canvas, and has a simple waterless kitchen and comfy-looking futon.

Jane and Gordie are two professional musicians from British Columbia who put their house on the market, their things in storage, and have hit the road for what will likely turn out to be a year of travel and making music along the way (they've been traveling about a month at this point). We exchanged some travel stories over dinner this evening, and as the sun set they played some original tunes under the trees for our listening pleasure. Their blog chronicles many adventures and is also worth a frequent visit. We wish them well on their journey and hope their house sells soon!


  1. Okay, that is TOO funny! From Amherst? That's a riot!
    How fun that you met and visited with these two couples!

  2. Very cool! Here we are searching and searching for a trailer and this couple decides to just make one. Love it!