Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Delayed Gratification

If there's anything that seven months on the road has taught us, it's to expect the unexpected and go with the flow.

Yesterday, as we bid a fond adieu to our friends in Las Vegas, New Mexico, we joyfully prepared to drive the sixty miles to Santa Fe, buy some groceries, and move ourselves into our new home. Unfortunately, we received a phone call informing us that a burst pipe and subsequent flood had rendered our casita unlivable---at least for a few days---and we were thrown into an unexpected circumstance that had us considering many potential outcomes that we had not anticipated.

Since our previous home was discovered to be a mold pit (a situation which most likely caused us both to develop Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in the first place), we were dismayed to hear that our new home had suffered water damage, but were simultaneously encouraged to learn that the flooding was not too bad and had been caught very quickly. For now, dehumidifiers and fans are blowing as the water recedes, and we cross our fingers and trust that all will be well.

For the moment, we are encamped at a campground on the outskirts of Santa Fe, waiting a few days to make sure that the casita is still healthy for us, and digesting the fact that our original move-in date was scuttled.

We are all ready and excited to be rooted for a while, and this situation simply reminds us that our journey has been a veritable boot camp that has trained us to roll with the punches, expect the unexpected, remain as flexible as possible, and be grateful for our blessings every day. Despite our disappointment, there was no hurricane, no earthquake, no loss of life or limb, and our rolling home is still a cozy little nest that may feel diminutive, but it veritably remains home sweet mobile home.

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