Friday, March 26, 2010

The Winds of Change

The wild winds of change are blowing through the Glorieta Pass (where a key Civil War battle was waged) today as we settle in at a new campground for one final night in the Santa Fe region. Our previous campground was due to be overrun with huge 40-foot rigs today for some RV rally or another, so we moved house and rolled up Interstate 25 to Rancheros de Santa Fe Campground. Gusts up to 40mph are forecast for this afternoon and evening, with as much as 2 inches of snow by morning. 

This evening we will attend a Shabbat ceremony at Deva Lands Sanctuary, and also engage in further conversations about the possibility of us renting a casita on their land in September and joining this small and growing community. 

For breakfast this morning, we met an old friend of an old friend at Real Food Nation, a lovely bistro/cafe which is located at a busy crossroads along I-25 about 15 miles north of Santa Fe. Meeting friends of friends is always fun, and we are making new connections here every day. Santa Fe is indeed feeling more and more rich as we hang around. 

Like our new friend Colin said, Santa Fe is the best city to live outside of, and we feel clear that we love it enough to live nearby but not enough to rent a place in town. 

So, as we ready ourselves to move further south to visit more friends and communities, the potential for returning here to Santa Fe and Deva Lands is high. The decision to live here would put us a mere 90 miles from our son, daughter-in-law and good friends in Taos, 50 miles from good friends in Las Vegas (New Mexico), 50 miles from a friend in Albequerque, and incredibly close to a decent-sized cadre of friends and acquaintances in Santa Fe. 

Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico are now on the "short list", and we will move forward with the understanding that our return here over the summer is highly likely.


  1. Mary and Keith,
    It was a pleasure meeting you at Real Food Nation. I envy your journey. Thanks for sharing so we can live vicariously through your adventures. You are living the American dream - savor each delicious moment!

  2. I love you guys and I'm so, so glad you are living this life and creating this adventure. You're an inspiration!!

  3. Glad to hear about the community; it sounds great. Nice to chat with you on the phone. Look forward to the next post. Check out my recent posts on; also, and, of course, Twitter @pauljimerson. Ciao!