Saturday, March 27, 2010

From Santa Fe to Wits End

Having spent the morning taking leave of our campground (dumping waste tanks, filling the fresh water tank, topping off the propane, etc), we passed the early afternoon enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and people at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market, Artist's Market, and indoor flea market.

The Farmer's Market was a plethora of local goods, live music and crafts, and we happily sipped decaf coffee while tasting local honey, goat cheese, apples and other goodies. The Artist's Market was small but mighty, and the dog-friendly indoor flea market was an absolute highlight as Tina made many canine and human friends as we browsed through the aisles of wares on offer.

Marketing completed, we washed and vacuumed our friend Kate's van before returning it with gratitude for the convenience and mobility that it allowed us during our time in Santa Fe. Without the van, visiting the Deva Lands Sanctuary every day for the last three days would have been quite difficult, and our explorations of the Santa Fe area would have been significantly curtailed.

Leaving Santa Fe behind was bittersweet, but the short drive south to the town of Los Cerillos rewarded us with spectacular vistas (more on that when we have a faster connection) and a soft landing at Wits End Cooperative, a small community still in the midst of planning and building a haven for those who wish to livecommunally in the beautiful and slightly remote hills above the town. 

This evening and tomorrow morning we will explore the cooperative's land and visit with the two current residents who live in a lovely home overlooking a view that is nothing short of breathtaking. In fact, as we arrived, a snow squall worked its way across the mesa, gracing us with a brief and light dusting of flakes that soon gave way to sun, blue skies and a pastel sunset. 

Meanwhile, Keith realized that he has apparently lost his down jacket, along with our dear deceased friend David's hat, and a wonderful wool hat purchased in Iceland some years ago. Some mourning for the lost items continues quietly with emotional support from Mary. 

For now, Mary just pummeled Keith at a game of Rummy 500, and Tina snores on the floor at our feet as the darkness of the mountains envelops our rig. Since we're not plugged in and want to conserve energy, we type on our computers by the light of two battery-powered lanterns and munch on pinto beans, sprouted wheat tortillas, sunflower sprouts and fresh cilantro. Tomorrow, we will breakfast with our hosts and walk the land which is now obscured by the inky darkness. 

Good night to all from this remote mountaintop somewhere in New Mexico, and we give thanks for the blessings of food, friends, freedom, and all good things. 


  1. Very nice post. I really enjoy your descriptions of the land, the markets and the personal anecdotes and humor. It's been great to share the journey with yous. Hope to see you in the greatest state in the nation, The Golden State, California! LOVE

  2. Life is good for K, M, and T!! Thinking of you and enjoying the adventure! Love KEC