Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Day at Ojo Caliente

Today, we drove an hour north with our friend Kate to Ojo Caliente, a famous hot mineral springs resort in the high desert. Although it was chilly and in the upper 40s or lower 50s, we enjoyed the springs, sauna and steam room, and reveled in the iron, lithium, soda and arsenic baths, which are all said to have various healing properties.

Kate has been kind enough to loan us a car, invite us to an evening of sacred circle dancing, put us up for a night while our rig is in the shop (with a broken furnace), orient us to the city, and generally show us a great time here in Santa Fe. Thanks to Kate for a wonderful day at Ojo!


  1. I went to Ojo Caliente spa years ago...and while in the hot tub my boyfriend at the time got out and slipped down the stairs and hurt his back badly. We had to leave to get medical care so I never got to experience the full treatment there and always wanted to go back. So nice to see your photos. Would you say it's safe for MCSers? Would be so nice to have a place to "vacation" at...Glad you enjoyed it! xx Julie

  2. Well, Julie, being safe for MCS'ers is relative, I guess. OUr chemical sensitivity is mild, so we were OK. None of the mineral baths are chlorinated (except for the pool which we didn't use). The towels were fragrance free, but you still have to deal with whatever products and shampoos and such that people use in the locker rooms and showers. It's a crap shoot, really. I would surmise that for a person with severe MCS, it would be potentially dangerous in terms of potential exposures.

  3. Another incentive to come to CA: the hot tubs @ Esalen, Big Sur, overlooking the Pacific! I haven't been yet - but you could take me there! LOVE, Paul

  4. Hello!

    This is my first visit to your most excellent adventure. How nice to finally make the time and have the energy to stop by.

    I was here at Ojo Caliente, at the beginning of my slide into severe MCS sensitivities. I had been at the Anne Wigmore Foundation doing a healing retreat and drove myself to Ojo for an overnight. My little cabin was sweet ... no reactions though my understanding of 'reactions' was infant. What was difficult is the hot springs themselves -- sulfur. What I learned the hard way is that sulfur is not my friend. Severe rash and unmasking took place and I learned to count on powers greater than myself to get me to a space of equilibrium.

    Wonderful to see it again, though and recall how very far I have come in the journey.