Monday, February 8, 2010

Lazy Ann Ranch

For the last two days, we have been visiting Mary's aunt and uncle at their home on The Lazy Ann Ranch in Oak Point, Texas, just on the edge of Denton, the eleventh largest city within the Dallas/Fort Worth "Metroplex".

Mary's Aunt Leslie and Uncle Tim rescue horses, ponies and miniature horses, rehabilitating and breeding selected favorites for sale and barter. They care deeply for their animals and they have opened their home to two of their adult children, along with two wonderful grandchildren, Zack and Jaion.

Here's a great one of Mary and Zack playing around with Photobooth on our Mac after watching the New Orleans Saints win the Superbowl:

We had a great time hanging out with family and watching a football game---something very uncharacteristic for us!

Mary's Uncle Tim is only seven years older than her, and he is a full seventeen years younger than his brother (Mary's dad). Their ranch and home are lovely and very comfortable, and their hospitality was generous and greatly appreciated!

Keith and Jaion

Zack, Jaion and their mom, Amy (Mary's first cousin)

Mary and her Aunt Leslie (above) and Uncle Tim (below)


  1. Ya'll healthy and happy once again! My thought each moment we have the chance of rebirthing the chispa of joy...and nothing matters about the echo of before...your trip is a reigniting of joy meme after joy meme. So lucky to be able to follow you...I'm inspired.
    Annie Bananie

  2. Yes! Yes! So beautifuly said. So lucky we met YOU! Will write from Rainbow Hearth later this week.

    Please send us a link to your book when you have it so we can post it on our blog home page!
    Much love!

  3. Great to see you enjoying time with GUT n GAL & kin at the ranch! (Great Uncle Tim & Great Aunt Leslie) I am sure they enjoyed having you! And my oh my how Zack has grown!

    and on football... How bout dem Saints!
    Glad GUT got you to watch some of dat Super Bowl cuz your Momma's home team not only finally made it to the big dance but won it in an exciting fashion! Who Dat gona beat dem Saints? Ain't nobody gona beat dem Saints!

    Keep on keeping on!