Friday, October 8, 2010

Fun Friday: The Beauty of the Aspens

Today, for our Fun Friday activity, we drove just 15 miles up the winding mountain roads to the Santa Fe Ski Basin in order to take in the beauty and splendor of the local aspen trees in their autumn blaze of glory.

From the city, we've been able to see that the mountains began changing colors almost overnight as Summer gave way to Autumn, and our friends and neighbors have admonished us to get up to the mountains as soon as possible before an errant storm has the opportunity to strip the trees of their leaves. So, today was the day, and we ventured out without Tina, who was home nursing a sore leg and old lady fatigue.

Although we had no idea the Ski Basin lift was currently in operation this week, we took full advantage of the opportunity and bought two one-way tickets to the top, where the views were glorious, if a bit hazy. The hike down was steep, but we took our time, waved and conversed with people on the ski lift above our heads, and arrived back to the car, tired but happy.

This is our first Autumn in New Mexico after twenty years of living in New England, so we've been duly spoiled with the reds, oranges and other resplendent colors of New England fall foliage. Still, the aspens of New Mexico do indeed offer a certain solace to the New England transplant, and we took in the deep yellows and golds (and patches of soft reds) with gratitude for the splash of color that they lend to the somewhat more austere New Mexican landscape that we now call (at least temporarily) home.

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