Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun Friday: 50 Weeks!

Today, October 15th, 2010, marks exactly 50 weeks since we left Amherst, Massachusetts for points unknown. On October 30th, we will celebrate one year of being on the road and away from our beloved and beautiful New England environs. Stay tuned for our one-year celebration!

Meanwhile, today was yet another Fun Friday adventure, this week being an adventure close to home.

After a relaxing morning, we took ourselves out to a celebratory lunch at a fancy outdoor restaurant that we've been eyeing for months. Like most everywhere, lunch menus are commonly more affordable here in Santa Fe, so we took advantage of that fact and spent a wonderful lunch hour being tended to by the nicest waiter this side of the Rio Grande. This tall, benevolent man in a starched white shirt was so nice that Mary looked up at him as he served our meal and said, "You seem like such a kind person." He smiled and thanked her graciously, and he hopefully smiled even more when he received our 30% tip.

At the risk of boring our dear readers with even more photographs of the aspens changing colors up on the mountain above the city, we did indeed return to the mountain for a hike, and hereby submit a small collection of photos documenting our time high above Santa Fe.

The rest of the day involved a trip to REI to buy Keith a new pair of sandals on sale, a few art downtown art openings, and a return to a tired but happy Tina who is currently recovering from a shoulder injury that may turn out to be a chronic condition for an old girl in her golden years.


  1. never get bored of your fall photos! Thanks for including me in your lunchtime reverie!If you had the kindest waiter, I have the kindest brother who called to check on me!

  2. Congrats on your 50th week. Thanks for posting the picture of dear Tina.

  3. Your blog continues to be a blessing to me in so many to see your smiling faces....hope Tina-dear is to you both!